NTL Trust Granted Grenada’s Marketing Agent License

NTL Trust, now a Licensed Marketing Agent in Grenada, is fully equipped to better serve clients considering citizenship by investment in Grenada.

NTL Trust has been appointed as an Authorized International Licensed Marketing Agent for Grenada (West Indies). The appointment was approved by the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Unit in early December 2015 and the company is now officially included in the list of authorized Marketing Agents on the Government’s website http://www.cbi.gov.gd/grenada-citizenship/marketing-agents/. 

By virtue of this appointment, NTL Trust’s service portfolio expands to include both citizenship by real estate investment and also donations to the National Transformation Fund, NTF.

As stipulated by the new Grenada CIP, applicants can only apply for citizenship through local agents. In alignment with such guideline, NTL Trust and its local agents registered in Grenada, are equipped to process a high volume of applications. NTL citizenship coordinators will review applications carefully to ensure the best possible outcome in the citizenship application process while its local agent will act on behalf of main applicants throughout the citizenship application.

Given NTL Trust’s successful track record of approved citizenship by investment applications through real estate investments, we are highly optimistic about the greater benefits and versatility this new appointment will present to our clients seeking citizenship options in Grenada”
Robert Martin, Managing Director, Citizenship Real Estate Investment.

In its new capacity as International Marketing Agent, NTL Trust will promote, market and disseminate information about Grenada`s Citizenship by Investment Program through its global network of professional partners and direct HNWI clients.

On December 2013, Grenada re-launched its citizenship by investment programme marked by improved procedures and a stringent due diligence process to guarantee the Programme’s transparency and best practices. As a result, Grenada CIP has recently experienced a surge in demand thanks to its attractive features. To name a few, processing times have been streamlined to four months on average which is fast compared to other similar programmes in the region, visa-free travels to more than 90 countries including the UK and Schengen area and no residency requirement for applicants. Also, candidates have more options for obtaining the passport of Grenada. The first investment option is a non-refundable donation of USD 200,000 to the NTF. It is also possible to purchase a qualified real estate for at least USD 350,000.

With an established presence in the Caribbean that dates back to 1994, NTL Trust specializes in holistic international planning. It co-ordinates not just corporate, trust and private banking matters, but it also advises on and implements essential residence and citizenship strategies that are too often taken for granted. NTL Trust helps clients not just with legal tax mitigation and asset protection, but more importantly to manage broader geo-political and macro-economic risk and opportunity, all based on global diversification. The NTL Trust family is made up of NTL Trust Corporate Services, NTL Immigration, NTL Wealth and Citizenship Real Estate Investment.

NTL Trust continues to cement its position as regional leader in the Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programme sector. NTL Trust currently operates in the following jurisdictions: Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, Grenada and the recently launched Saint Lucia programme. It is also the organizer and curator of the Caribbean Citizenship Summit, the main citizenship and residence conference in the Caribbean.

Learn more NTL Trust, www.ntltrust.com