Antigua Launches Solar Energy Farm to Power International Airport (ANU)

Caribbean West Indies, February 29, 2016 ( - A powerful day for Antigua!  The Government of Antigua & Barbuda held the official unveiling of the solar power plant located at the V.C. Bird International Airport.  The Sun2Live system allows the country to safely gather, manage, and store energy for optimal use in their goal towards renewable energy development.  Funds raised by the Citizenship by Investment Programmes (CIP) of Antigua & Barbuda were instrumental in financing the project. 

“It is truly a wonderful day to see the CIP donations achieve their goal with a clean energy solution that will benefit the Antiguan economy and help to ensure a bright future for the island,” said Robert Martin of NTL Trust. 

The largest solar project to date in the Caribbean, the project incorporates 12,000 solar panels (3 MWp in solar power), will generate up to 4,645 MWh of clean energy yearly, and will cover most of the energy needs for the passenger terminal of the airport.  The project marks the beginning of a much broader vision for Antigua, with future panels to be installed on rooftops of public buildings and solar car parks, bringing the overall initiative of 10 MWp in solar installations to the country – an objective that would be impossible without the CIP funds.

The installation of green energy alternatives will reduce Antigua and Barbuda’s reliance on imported fossil fuels to generate electricity and will play an important role in the country’s overall goal for 10% of its electricity to be provided from renewable sources by 2020, and 15% by 2030.  Goals to educate the island’s residents on cutting electricity consumption and the impacts of climate change are also addressed in the country’s new energy policies.      

“We pledge our continued commitment to moving our country towards a greener economy recognizing that this will form a major platform for enabling Antigua and Barbuda to realize our goal of becoming an economic powerhouse in the eastern Caribbean,” said Antigua’s Prime Minister and Minister of Finance & Corporate Governance Hon. Gaston Browne.

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