St. Kitts & Nevis announces special Hurricane Relief CIP Fund to help Dominica, NTL Trust waives local processing fees.

The 2017 hurricane season is one of the most destructive on record, and with a month of peak hurricane season still ahead of us, more storms could make it the costliest yet.

The devastation and destruction to homes and businesses, loss of roads, catastrophic landslides, and damage to infrastructure has left many islands in the Caribbean uninhabitable. Dominica and Barbuda, both members of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), have been hit especially hard.

To help mitigate these hardships and offer support for neighbouring islands, the St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment Programme has announced a Hurricane Relief Fund associated with the Citizenship Programme- a significant portion of the contribution will be allocated to help the neighbouring islands as they rebuild and strive for a life of normalcy.

St. Kitts & Nevis Prime Minister, the Honourable Dr. Timothy Harris, announced that this new donation option which qualifies for the CIP, offers reduced fees as compared to the standard SIDF donation, and will establish a fund to help the region rebound from the tremendous storms.  This time-sensitive special offer is only valid until March 30, 2018, and qualifies the applicant under the established Citizenship Investment Programme.

Single Applicant: US$150,000

Family of Four (main applicant, spouse, two dependent children): US$150,000

Additional Qualified Dependents: US$25,000

Due Diligence and Application Processing Fees remain unchanged.

NTL Trust was established in the Nevis in 1994 and has grown into one of the leading providers of citizenship by investment, corporate and family office services worldwide. To support the regional rebuilding efforts in the wake of some of the most devastating hurricanes in decades, NTL Trust is waving all local agent processing fees from now until November 1, 2017. Acting as both an authorised local and global marketing agent for the St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship Programme, NTL Trust hopes that the funds raised by this noble effort will speed the recovery and lessen the recent hardships in the West Indies.

“Funneling immigration investment funding into a regional rebuilding effort is an excellent opportunity to combine philanthropy with the steadily growing CIP global market,” said Robert Martin of NTL Immigration.  “Furthermore, it reminds the Eastern Caribbean states that although they are regional rivals on many levels, we are still all closely related and here to build each other up and help each other in the darkest moments.”

For more information please contact your local NTL Immigration sales representative.